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Business Due Diligence

Buying a Business:
Do Right By The Process

You know what you want: to buy a business, and to bring the rewards of that transaction into reality. Perhaps you want a particular kind of business. Perhaps you want an investment, or to run the company yourself. It’s a murky area. Apparently good investments can be bad choices. So much depends on the accuracy of the financials. A potential business could have problem areas that aren’t immediately evident without a full due diligence rundown.

Sometimes there are pitfalls that experience would have predicted, but aren’t immediately evident. That’s why you need expert help. That’s where our array of business buying services come in.

Business Buying:
The Power of Expertise

There are endless possibilities. If you want to be certain that the choices you make will bring you the greatest reward as a potential business owner, your wisest first choice is to get a true expert on your side. Someone who has no ulterior motive other than your complete satisfaction in the process of buying your business, and who has decades of successful experience behind him. Someone who has been a broker, has been a buyer, has been the CPA investigating the books, and has extensive training in fraud examination. Willard Michlin’s experience and expertise combine to provide you with what you’re missing: a clear path ahead.

Due Diligence Checklist:
Don’t Cheat the Process

We offer a twelve point business due diligence checklist for potential buyers to use in considering whether to buy a business, and how to best go about the process. It’s the least we recommend. You’ll need this data to avoid the most common pitfalls. Just click on the link in our sidebar to get it. Because you probably need more than that, we recommend that you contact us for the free initial consult.
There really is no catch. You’re not required to continue to utilize our services, and the advice you receive is honestly yours to keep. You’ll get a chance to meet the man behind this site for yourself, and get some expertise and experience, powerful tools you can utilize to make the process of buying your future business a successful, enjoyable venture.

Go through the list of services above, and choose the one best for you and your company. If you just want advice, we do phone consults and more. Just call and we’ll get you started down the right path.


Your business dealings are at a critical juncture right now. You need the right kind of expertise on your side. We’re not looking for a cut, we have no reason to sway you one way or the other. We just take a real, informed, honest look at the deal and lay it all out for you, along with our precise recommendations. Save yourself the headaches later and let us take a look, see if we see pitfalls coming up.

Business Acquisitions Consulting and Due Diligence in Greater Los Angeles and Orange County.