Telephone Consultations for Purchasing a Business

200225959-001When looking at purchasing a business, you as a buyer are dealing with two people that have their own agenda when talking with you about buying a  business. First is the seller, who always wants to convince you to at least pay top dollar for his business, or in some cases, they want you to pay twice or three times the actual value of the business. The second person a buyer comes up against is the listing agent; all of whom need to get their listing sold and a few of which (not all) care little for the safety and interest of you-the buyer. Both of these people have a lot of experience at buying and selling businesses.

You, on the other hand, may be part of the 70% of all business buyers who have never bought a business before. You may also be part of the 25% of the buyers looking to buy a business who have bought at least one business before. The last group of 5% are true professional buyers who have had multiple experiences at buying, and learning, at great expense, what to look for so as not to be abused again.

Looking to find a business for most buyers is a one-year or longer activity. A buyer should be prepared to look very seriously at 5 -10 businesses before finding the right one. In order to make this process go faster and more affordably we suggest you have a buyer advocate or adviser that has seen “every trick in the book,” and can answer questions as they come up. We can help you with our affordable programs, which will greatly reduce the probablility of you being unfairly taken advantage of.

We can offer you private telephone consultations by the minute. You can ask us any questions you want including the rule-of-thumb for the type of business you are looking at. You can also have an express financial review or have us coach you on writing and negotiating any offers . Just ask the office for the rate per minute and about our discount packages.