510224737Everyone loves getting something for NO CHARGE. In real life there is no free lunch. We do ask for something in return for our services. However, many people only have a few questions or are uncomfortable paying out money before knowing the consultant better or before finding the business to buy. This is understandable, so we offer this alternative

If you want to get to know the consultant better, and get the answers to a few questions we have a No-Charge Mini Consultation.  This free consult is limited to about twenty minutes and is only delivered in-person at our Seal Beach location.

The CPA and you can get to know each other while you get some of your questions answered. In return we ask that you take 10 minutes and answer our survey.

This survey helps us better understand the needs of business buyers and tells us how to better deliver a quality product. This interview and survey cannot be done over the phone to satisfactory results, so contact us to schedule an in person meeting.