Business Buying – How Much Does An Owner Have To Work

Many business buyers have the idea that they will buy a small business to create a second income. The idea is to put in 10 hours a week, or less doing the management functions such as, posting the quick books, making sure the employment forms are filled out correctly and are complete. Lastly they know they have tocreate and institute advertising campaigns, which we all know is a top priority.

What Does a Business Owner Really Have to Do to Run the Business

These business buyers believe that the manager can run the day-to-day operations, which includes ordering supplies and making inventory purchases. Many also think the manager will make the daily bank deposits and pay the normal bills.

The functions that are not covered by either of these lists include: Hiring and firing of employees, and covering for managers that are fired or walk out. Someone needs to check the references of new employees. (Do you believe everything you are told?)

Quality control issues in all areas of the business are very important and have to be addressed. The last and most important issue is making sure that the manager and/or other employees are not acting like silent partners and stealing the owners blind. This is guaranteed to happen if the staff feels that they can get away with it, which they can, as long as the owner is not around most of the time.

Beware!  a fool and his money are soon parted.

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