Do you know why your business is not making enough money?

Your Company is capable of making money.

Very few business owners think they are making all the income their business is capable of making.   In fact this is overwhelmingly the number one complaint that business advisors hear.

Occasionally a CPA will hear a complaint from their client that he is making so much money the government is getting rich off of him.
CPAs and tax attorneys love this kind of client because this is what they are trained for. Save the client taxes. Unfortunately many are not experienced in finding out WHY their client is not making enough money.

Have you ever heard the phrase? “If the problem is what you thought it was, it would not be a problem.” What exactly does that mean?

It means that asking the right questions will get you the right answers.
Let’s look this over very carefully. For example, let’s take a situation where the profits are down, and the sales are stable. What do you do first? Find out what changed? If you do not know what changed, you cannot put it back the way it was. Conversely if you know what changed you can use your experience to solve the problem and return to affluence.

The normal solution for a business, that is not making as much money as they were before, is to go to their banker and say. “I need money.”  But this is not the solution.

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