Business Due Diligence: My husband and I were fighting over whether to buy the business…

“I would definitely use Willard again.  He gave us excellent service.  Without Willard’s services we would have bought the business.  He put my mind at ease.  Thank god I can sleep at night. “Willard saved my marriage as my husband and I were fighting over whether to buy the business.  I wanted to buy it and my husband not.  I found Willard so I could get a professional opinion; we were in escrow just about to close and I got Willard’s advice just in time!  It saved us and showed us we were paying way too much for the business.  We of course backed out of the deal. “Because of Willard, when I drive by the business and see it I don’t feel any loss—what if’s— as I know I did the right thing.  And god knows if we had bought it and been under further financial pressure our marriage might have been at stake.”

—Maggie Muradian
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