Get Rich While Going Green and Saving Your Dollars

Going Green helps the earth and saves you money.

So how do we do that? This is a very interesting subject. The “Green Environmentalists” are designing and building low energy use buildings. They are also recycling water and reducing energy use.

Congress passed a law subsidizing solar generated electricity.

You can also buy electricity from independent utility companies who are selling electricity at a discount. Let us not forget solar water heaters.

The tax credits and utility company credits in many states amount to more than the cost of installing the systems. How would you like to publish an advertising campaign where your punch line is “We will pay you to go solar; no cash necessary”.

It is easy to promote your business with the new generation of green.

We have a new generation of low flush toilets, which according to Bernie, the publisher of Apartment News©, that will save you $50.00 per year per toilet and that is at today’s water prices.

I am reading about how you can run your diesel car on cooking grease, if you can get the grease for free from your local restaurants.

I looked at conversion kits and talked to people who have converted. The demand for grease is going up and soon the restaurants will be able to charge for the grease.

The new generation of light bulbs is LED.

I have a friend who is helping set up companies to sell these bulbs worldwide. The companies are making money hand over fist. The first companies to buy are government agencies.

Are you are looking for a business to buy?

Look beyond the standard brick and mortar businesses located on the main street of your town. “Go Green”.

If you have had any experiences with Going Green, please send me an email and let us know.

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